After Party #34 - Tweed Racket

This episode we thought we'd only have 2 members of the sketch group Tweed Racket, Elena Martinez and Christan Leonard. By the time we started the discussion part of the podcast we had 4 members. During the discussion we were joined by Henry Russel Stoddard and Rachel Walls.

Before the discussion though, we had one of the most lively and high scoring CSz Seattle Match Games to date. From the very first round, both players Crystal and Graham had points on the board. This match game went long because it felt like we had something to say about everyone's answers.

Hosts: - Alex Grindeland - Daryl Ducharme

Panel: - Elena Martinez - Christan Leonard - Ben Lidgus - Jekeva Phillips - Henry Russel Stoddard - Rachel Walls

Bartender: - Graham Tordoff

Music by