Keep The Party Going

We've been doing the After Party for a while now on our own dime. We hope you like it. We like doing it but we want it to be better. If you like what you hear and you want more here's a few ways you can help us out.


Become our Patron

I'd prefer to be people powered. Getting advertisers will eventually happen. But for now, I'd like to make podcasts that the people want to hear.

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These podcasts run on a shoestring but we'd like some better shoes. Okay, that metaphor sucks. Basically, I'd like gear so that I'm not borrowing from others and have more flexibility. This is a great way to support me directly.

Wear Us

We've got shirts and more available via CafePress. If you would love a design that you don't see in the store, let us know what you're thinking via our contact us page.