After Party #19 - Samantha Kalman & Jonathan Tweet

 Game Designers Samantha Kalman & Jonathan Tweet joined us for an evening of nerding out over video games and the process of creating them.

During the Seattle Match Game our contestants Lara and Gina gave us one of the earliest scoring rounds. They also found out about Jonathan's one track mind. One of them even used it to her advantage for the win.

During the discussion section we did discuss video games and quite a bit. We also discussed tabletop and RPG games along with other creative outlets. There was some game nerding out but there was also talk for people new to games.


  • Jekeva Phillips
  • Daryl Ducharme


  • Samantha Kalman
  • Jonathan Tweet
  • Ponch Hartley
  • Joe Vella


  • Elena Lynch

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After Party #15 - Lauren Bond

After Party #15 - Lauren Bond

Our Discussion with Lauren Bond started with the word portmanteau being used, because cosplay is a portmanteau of the words costume and play. We quickly gave her a soap box to talk from. We discussed how even jocks are nerds of their own kind. In the end we all got just a little bit excited about the simple message she had, "If you want to make a it!"

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