After Party #40 - Not The Seattle Reign

After a last minute cancellation by our scheduled guests from The Seattle Reign we put together a cadre of guests for the panel. We had a Rat City Rollergirl, a member of the CSz Seattle Family, A member or the sketch group Drop The Rootbeer And Run, a Player new to CSz Seattle from CSz Milwaukee, and an improviser from Jet City Improv.

Below is the last minute cancellation letter.

Hi!  I hope you are doing well.  Thank you so much for the prep information.  I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond, but I was just following up with the other girls and making sure they were good to go for the podcast.  Fortunately and unfortunately we won the shield this past Wednesday (regular season champions) and because of this there have been quite a few added events to our schedule following our match tomorrow.  We are being honored by the commissioner of the league following the game as well as having a post game function as a team to celebrate the win.  All of these events were brought to my attention today, so unfortunately we will not be available for the podcast.  I absolutely HATE that we have to cancel so late because the girls and I were looking forward to watching the show and being apart of the podcast.  We would LOVE to reschedule if possible.  Again, I can not stress enough how sorry I am that we have to cancel for tomorrow night.

Dave Bogan brought us a story with holes about a cabin, 3 dead bodies and the sheriff and deputy who found them. We kept wanting to know more about the sheriff and the deputy, what was their relationship?

We found out about eggs, why they are the color they are and why they are the size they are. We learned some distinctions between a hobby farm and a gentleman's farm.


  • Alex Grindeland
  • darylPoint
  • Daryl Ducharme



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