After Party #37 - Beau Prichard

We were joined by theater director, producer, actor and kiwi, Beau Prichard. We talked serious theater, 911 calls gone wrong and created a scene from a play called Lawn Darts (coming in 2017, maybe). Comedian, Derek Sheen played a major role in bringing these scenes to life.

There are some great scenes that got created in this episode of the podcast. We started talking about the 911 operator who hung up on a caller. This turned into a tremendous scene about an actor who can only speak through their actor voice.

We also discussed the dangers of being a child in the 70s. From cylon spaceship toys to lawn darts, its quite a testament that we survived as a species. From these stories we got some directing from Beau on how Derek should play the friend of a child who died in a tragic lawn dart accident.


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