After Party #32 - Erin Nichole Boyt

Dancer, Choreographer, Actress and Model Erin Nichole Boyt joined us for this episode of the CSz Seattle After Party.

We started the show off with the lowest possible scoring match game that can still have a winner. Whenever a pattern emerged, that pattern would break. In the end, the contestants were a married couple so they both won.

What inspires a dancer? What makes you move? How can you be a dancer when you are inspired by something that is different than everyone else? These questions and getting Erin to dance her dance she calls "The Penguin" all happened on this episode. Enjoy.


  • Alex Grindeland
  • Daryl Ducharme


  • Zak Nelson
  • Erin Nichole Boyt

Bartender & Panel

  • Asa Fager

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