After Party #28 - Majestics, not remotely humble

The first ever After Party remote show, with Coach Scott and #80 McKenzie Tolliver joining us again from episode 22. We were also joined by #4, Melissa Castor.

This podcast was after a 54-0 win over the Everett Reign and they were having a hard time being humble. So we went in a different direction and found out who the team Gandalf is (grey and white), who the team Samwise Gamgee is and who is the team Severus Snape. At some point we always find a way to nerd out a little on the CSz Seattle After Party.

Sit back, enjoy the ambience of a Papa's Mexican Grill in Everett and have fun with the Seattle Majestics.

Music by random stuff happening in the background (karaoke?)