After Party #27 - CSz Player Panel

Despite being an episode after the CSz Seattle Blue Show we tried to keep it PG-13. Someone got a little too excited about her Avengers references in the match game though.

Speaking of the Seattle Match Game, we were joined by our contestants Caroline and Brandon. They were so polite and for a while they shared a pen. They may have been polite, but the audience was rowdy. They enjoyed many of the answers, or at least they screamed 'Woooooooooh' to them.

For the discussion section we were asked many questions from our audience. We talked warm ups. We talked favorite games. Along the way we had many jokes and bits. There might have been a few curse words dropped throughout the show but we leave finding those as an exercise for the listener.


  • Alex Grindeland
  • Daryl Ducharme


  • Ben Lidgus
  • Kesan Holt
  • Jekeva Phillips


  • Joe Vella

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