After Party #21 - Ian Schuelke

It's official, we're 21! Episodes old that is.

So many special guests helped us with our 21st After Party. Our special guest was Ian Scuelke, comedian and host of his own variety show. Joe Vella was guest host for the first time. Speaking of first times, Zak Nelson joined us for the first time on the panel.

We started off with another close Seattle Match Game competition. We learned a lot about our guests from their answers to some very Seattle questions. Our contestants were Jessica and Mihai (Romanian for Michael). Once again the competition came down to one point. As usual though, everyone was a winner.

In our discussion section we started off by learning about Ian's variety act "Ian Schuelke Wants A TV Show." A variety show needs lots of talent so we dug into that. We complained about stories getting rebooted then shared what we would reboot.


  • Joe Vella
  • Daryl Ducharme


  • Ian Schuelke
  • Zak Nelson
  • Jekeva Phillips


  • Elena Lynch

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