After Party #20 - Interrobang ?! Improv

For our 20th episode of the After Party we were joined by 4 members of the improv group, Interrobang. Our contestants for the match game were Eric and Jeremiah.

Though the match game started slow, we proved that anything (points wise) can happen during the lightning round. In the end we went into overtime to get a winner by one point.

After the match game we geeked out about improv with Interrobang. At first we seemed to be advertising other improvisers from Seattle. We did discuss the interrobang punctuation mark. Finally, we ended on a few misattributed quotes.


  • Alex Grindeland
  • Daryl Ducharme


  • Kate Drummond
  • James Katica
  • Josh Padilla
  • Dave Clapper


  • Danual Allen
  • Emily Allen

Music by