After Party #12 - Seattle Experimental Theater

We started the After Party with the highest scoring Match Game ever. Both Ariel and Nathan scored a lot of points but in the end we had to call it because of the mercy rule.

After the match game we went into a great discussion with Jeannine Clarke & Samantha Hecker of Seattle Experimental Theater (SET). We geeked out over Star Trek and Nicholas Sparks, along with a few geeky forays into other areas. We also found out which ways our match game contestants are geeks.

In the end we discussed what New Year's Resolution each panelist would not have for next year.


  • Alex Grindeland
  • Daryl Ducharme


  • Jeannine Clarke
  • Samantha Hecker
  • Jekeva Phillips
  • Anjl Rodee


  • Asa Fager

Music by: