Crewmates - Part 2

Here's part 2 of our show dedicated to Crewmates at the Annex Theater. This is the meaty part. We get a no holds barred interview with the director, the writer and 2 cast members. They pull no punches but we also have a lot of laughs.

While you're listening you can play the drinking game that came up out of this interview. Whenever Sameer calls the director Faraz instead of Shahbaz, have a drink of your beverage of choice.

It's a story of Islamic magical realism and it is coming to the Annex Theater in May. It's Crewmates, written by friend of the show Sameer Arshad. Daryl went to a rehearsal and got to talk with the cast about this show which is 100% POC. It's a show you haven't seen before. A story of angels, Jinn and Asians in love. Go to the Annex Theater and have some fun seeing something new.


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